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Home PageIn Greek mythology, Aegle was daughter of Asclepius,
the god of medicine and healing. She derived her name
from “brightness,” or “splendor,” in relation to the human body
when in good health, or from honor paid to the medical profession.
At Aegle Advisors we focus on improving       strategic, financial and operational systems, so you can focus on               realizing your own corporate mission of helping and healing patients.

Our Talent

Responsive, strategic, innovative, forward-thinking, results-oriented. These are some of the qualities clients most appreciate in our advisors and executives.

David A. MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer
A proven leader, David MacDonald brings a keen executive perspective to Aegle Advisors. From an accountant at a major academic medical center in Boston working his way up through various financial, operational and leadership roles at community hospitals, physician groups, teaching hospitals, and management service organizations, David offers a unique breadth and depth of the healthcare industry to his clients.

Before founding Aegle Advisors, David spent nearly two decades developing leadership skills in healthcare delivery strategy, finance, and operations for a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare organizations. Specifically, David has supported physical therapy private practices, physician groups, academic medical centers, dialysis companies, community based hospitals, and billing and consulting companies.

Earlier on David spent several years as a healthcare consultant and attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He was also Vice President of Finance and CFO and In House Counsel for a healthcare services organization in Southeastern United States that realized explosive growth during his tenure, and, which later sold to a public company.

David holds a BS in Accounting from West Virginia University, a Juris Doctorate from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, and an Executive M.B.A from Emory University in Atlanta.