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Home PageIn Greek mythology, Aegle was daughter of Asclepius,
the god of medicine and healing. She derived her name
from “brightness,” or “splendor,” in relation to the human body
when in good health, or from honor paid to the medical profession.
At Aegle Advisors we focus on improving       strategic, financial and operational           systems, so you can focus on               realizing your own corporate mission                   of helping and healing patients.

Financial Analysis & Planning

Be well, financially.

Faced with inadequate reimbursement, aging office sites and facilities, and patient and government demand for new technologies and treatments, many hospitals and other healthcare providers are challenged to find enough resources, human and capital, to meet their current and future needs. There is no choice but to run the business side of your organization well. Data drives decisions, and a dynamic organization must be attuned to what drives the business and how it can be measured to make timely decisions that impact positive change. At Aegle Advisors we’ll help map a plan that puts you on the right financial track.