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The rest of the countdown…Happy Holidays!

I thought posting these daily would be a cinch, yet here I am with only 3 days left until Christmas and I’m 4 traits behind (and noticing that Day #9 got lost somewhere in the WordPress black hole!  Need to find that one!)

So, I’m wrapping up (pun intended!) this Top Ten list of Leadership Traits below and looking forward to continuing our dialogue in 2012!

7.      Transparency

It’s not always easy to be open and accessible, particularly with difficult issues or tough solutions, but a good leader needs to be transparent with his teams and speak clearly and openly about pressing issues.

 6.      Visionary

The ability to look and plan ahead is paramount for any good leader.  It’s important to set a vision and solidify support from key stakeholders who will help execute your vision.

5.      Decision Making Ability

Healthcare organizations can have very complex political environments that demand comprehensive, deliberate and sound decision making.

4.      Innovative

You cannot be afraid of technology! Embracing IT and new technology advancements for the betterment of Patients, Partners and Employees is a must.

3.      Communication Skills

Sounds simple, but good communication skills can’t be underscored enough.  Leaders need their constituents to understand their vision and expectations.  There is no room for ambiguity.

2.      Inspirational

People genuinely want to be led and to believe in their leader.  A fancy title is not leadership.  It’s having the ability to motivate and inspire people to follow you.

1.      Visible

You must be present! A corner office with a closed door won’t get you anywhere.  To be a good leader you must know your people, your patients and your community.


8 Days Til Christmas

8 Days.. Trait #8… A good leader must possess…


A good leader ensures that people and systems are measured and held to standards, because without benchmarks there is no way to demonstrate progress and success. Ensuring your team has ownership of its ideas and is held responsible for their results.  At the same time, a good leader must holding himself/herself to that same standard.


10 Days ‘Til Christmas

Today officially marks the 10 day countdown to Christmas! To commemorate the occasion, I’m going to do a Top 10 myself – Top 10 Traits for Healthcare Leaders!

As we look to start a New Year, healthcare executives should be thinking about how they can make 2012 more successful – for their employees, partners and patients! Each day, I’ll reveal a new trait.

Today’s Trait:
#10 – Clarity of Purpose
A strong leader must truly understand the reason for an organizations existence as well as its goals. Once you know what the organization wants to accomplish, you must be able to balance those priorities with the economic realities.

Sounds so simple. Yet, I’ve met many executives throughout the years who have lost focus on their mission. When it comes to purpose, fuzzy won’t cut it; clarity is critical.